Watson IoT Platform

I added the IBM IoT Foundation Quickstart for Raspberry Pi to the environment and you can see a live stream of instrumentation data. The dashboard below is shown once a device is registered to a Bluemix account and affiliated with an organization (another level of indirection off your Bluemix account).

IBM IoTF Platform Dashboard

Changes were made to both Dockerfile as well as initial script to enable IoTF/QS and sample C program only sends system status. Will need to change the sample program to progres HTTP requests to send any JSON payloads (i.e. our events).

IBM IOTF Real-time Insights

The IBM IOTF Real-time Insights capabilities can be linked to the IOTF Platform through a shared repository for the JSON events received by the platform; the JSON objects in that repository provide schemas for payload processing. The IOTF-RTI environment provides for rules to be specified in conjunction with JSON payload values using numeric comparison to static values, other payload values, and context parameters (n.b. unsure where or how these values are set).

IBM IOTF Real-time Insights rule specification

IBM IOTF Real-time Insights rule condition specification

IBM IOTF Real-time Insights rule action specification