ReSTful Services

With analytical understanding of the event classifier space and corresponding activity for specific classifiers by day of week and interval of day, a model can now be constructed to determine the average time of first activity in the AM. That model is calculated on the server, based on the historical event data and supplied to the device on demand through a Web service. The Web service is a HTTP address with parameters that invokes logic to to return a result, e.g. the average score for Person in a given interval of time.

This information is consumed by the RaspberryPi and utilized to compare current events with the historical population statistics. Local conditional testing is currently in-progress, utilizing the motion package capability for additional event processing.

Below are some examples of the aah-stats Web service:

The id= argument can be specified with any of the classifiers. The day= and interval= arguments can be specified with "all" or a number for day (0-6) or interval (0-95).